With regard to the family, subject to funding

Financial disputes cause all sorts of problems

These days, money is an issue, in a sense, a category that is almost intimate, and rarely discussed moves, even among family membersIt makes no exceptions to solve a couple, even if the fact is between a man and a woman, all open questions to meet face to face, taking into account all shades. As for gender, in families where both spouses work, in any case, he earns more than the other, and is considered completely normal. And no one believes that they bear the burden of providing most of the family burden. However, there are exceptions. What are the causes of many conflicts and false suspicions that one of the spouses authorizes the entire family, and the other allows unnecessary expenses, citing only the need for personal information, does not meet the needs of the family. On the material side of family life, the step of destroying the relationship was necessary, first of all, in order to clearly define how the family, finances. Money and the family home is a necessary part of our life, which we have to face every day, and this is not a normal life, which is impossible. Available in Finance, especially impressive amounts, the illusion of freedom of movement of people and complete control over every aspect of life from their surroundings. This rarely leads to more confusion, irritability and, as a result, frequent divorces. According to psychologists, money, of course, is not superfluous in a relationship with a partner, they also need to learn to live with each other. This is especially true for people who lived an independent life before marriage and are needed for their own money, or, conversely, have never experienced difficulties. This may be due to the fact that a limited number of financial people are under stress, and explains all those negative emotions that accumulate over time, in the case of careless spending of funds, especially when it is not necessary.

If the family's income is they can not be characterized as low or increasing and not always justified needs, which, in turn, increases costs, and as a result, again there is a scandal.

There are many cases where a couple decided to divorce because of a money transfer, and most of the decision was about sharing common property, the fact that a couple of months together shared a set or series of Cutlery. Thus, the formation of a family budget for the possibility of reckless spending of funds, in order to avoid the possibility of managing funding without penalties. If Yes, as it seems, and earn money, then there is still not enough money, so the situation does not correspond to reality or simply does not control the cost of control. First, you need to check if it turns out that you can start spending even more than you earn by using credit cards and getting into debt. This situation can develop if both spouses are alive and happy to continue living.

But with Paul it's a rarity, and you live on the high road, and the second one tries everything for everything you save.

As a result of all the efforts, perhaps reduced to zero, and at worst-to a negative one. In General, the lack of money, liquidity and some guarantees for the future, economic partners are constantly under stress, which clearly affects the behavior, family relations and General mood of the family against. In this case, the best destructive option for forming habits of the spouse will be controlling expenses.

This may be a special partner agreement

If they are not satisfied, but still the cost, then it is better to spend time, opportunities, and finances of the family in a more economical interlocutor.

This is especially true for young couples, since the former manage money for them, have limited funding, or belong to different social groups. If the family initially developed in such a way that any financial point of view could change, then in this situation it is necessary to radically change the situation. after all, this is the best option when families do not have the money to split Be and Mine, and all the funds mentioned in the house often are. You need to create a family budget for conversation and discussion. If you have a harmonious marriage and you want to trust this topic, then this topic is necessary. Together, select a list of expenses that are usually made during this period.

Then select the need for expenses that cannot be eliminated.

For example, utility bills, kindergarten payments, mortgage payments, gasoline costs, food, past events or holidays, and much more.

Then determine the so-called additional expenses that are affordable but not permanent, such as buying clothing, appliances, and furniture.

After distributing the justification and additional costs, you can leave something free in the money. Money, without remorse for their small whims, spending family holidays or moving to larger purchases. For additional information please check the General similarity of the accounting records where all the money received for registration was entered. This way, you can easily eliminate the amount of waste in the Podometer, compare it with revenue, and determine the degree of undesirability of the purchase. With simple tips to answer questions such as finances, learn quickly within the framework of our lifestyle, and don't feel every trauma or extreme lack of anything. The main thing is the desire to have a pass to the meeting to take your habits and changes, because this decision can be made directly from the future family relationships, which depend on the duration of their reliability and prosperity. Don't put money first, because there is a bag of things in life that doesn't pay for every bill.

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